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Company Profile
Concentric Pharma Advertising, an independent healthcare advertising and marketing agency, helps clients meet diverse business objectives through innovative thinking, elegant creative strategies, results-oriented tactics, and flawless execution.

The company is one of the fastest growing agencies in the field. In the past year alone, Concentric has tripled its revenues, launched four brands, and doubled its staff to keep up with a growing list of accounts.

Services and Offerings
  • Advertising
  • Sales promotion
  • Internet
  • Conventions
  • Medical education
  • Formulary access programs
  • Pull-through programs
  • Advertising
  • Relationship marketing
  • Internet
  • Promotions
  • Patient information and education
  • Package design

Strategic and support services
  • Strategic and tactical planning
  • Corporate and brand identity programs
  • Sales force education
Case Study
BETASERON has been on the market for 16 years, and until recently, hasn't had new information to pique the interest of physicians. That, coupled with overwhelming noise from the competition, has made it difficult to drive booth traffic at the large scientific meetings. In 2007, the situation changed. With an expanded indication, new clinical data, and a new campaign, BETASERON had something to say. Bayer capitalized on this opportunity to grab physicians' attention with an innovative, thought-provoking convention booth.

To educate physicians about the need to treat multiple sclerosis (MS) early, they were asked to embark on a mission. A central feature in the booth—the BETA Responder provided a 3-D animated simulation, an original music score, and motion technology. Synchronized with this movement, a video took physicians, as members of the BETA Responder team, on a journey into the central nervous system of a hypothetical patient. The mission was to monitor for abnormal activity in the white matter of the brain. During what appeared to be a routine patrol, participants encountered the first MS event.

Fortunately the crew was equipped with BETASERON, and thus was able to stop the myelin damage from progressing and halt the cascade of events from causing further damage in this patient. The BETA Responder experience reinforced the need to treat the disease early. BETASERON has been proven in the most clinical trial to have positive effects when used at the first event.

The BETA Responder generated so much buzz on the first day of the AAN Convention that it was featured as a Must See Booth in the daily convention newsletter. The video was awarded Gold at the 2007  MM&M Awards for Best Use of Interactive Media.
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