Doctor's Choice hands out honors

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Merck's Fosamax three-page professional ads and Daiichi Sankyo's one-page Evoxac ad took top honors at the Doctors' Choice Awards.

The Fosamax ad, executed by FCB HealthCare, won the generalist physician category, while the Evoxac ad, by Torre Lazur McCann, won the physician specialty category.

In anti-infectives, an ad for Pfizer's Zyvox by Cline, Davis & Mann took top honors. In cardiovascular, an ad for Merck/Schering-Plough's Vytorin, by Surge Worldwide Healthcare, won first place. In psychiatrics, Forest and KPR won for Campral, and in oncologicals, Genentech and Harrison & Star won for an Avastin ad.

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