GSK allegations build in Jordan and Lebanon

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The list of countries in which GlaxoSmithKline employees are accused of misbehaving now includes Jordan and Lebanon. PMLive reports that a whistleblower alleges “GSK sales staff tried to encourage doctors in Jordan and Lebanon to prescribe medicines... by providing free samples that they could sell at a $70-per-vial profit.”

Thursday's report comes just days after allegations of misconduct in Poland, which followed allegations of misconduct in Iraq.

Glaxo said in a statement that the company is investigating local operations and that it started its investigation when it became aware of the allegations. The drugmaker also noted that it has created channels through which employees can report “when they have concerns...including hotlines and online portals.”

The UK company also said it has been transparent about its operations, noting “last year there were 161 violations relating to breaches of our sales and marketing policies, resulting in 48 dismissals and 113 written warnings.”

GSK also noted “these numbers are very similar to those reported by other companies in our sector.”

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