Harris: open architecture ups research visibility

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Most pharmaceutical firms use multiple marketing research suppliers, and many want suppliers to cull data for them. For those that want to do it on their own, a new service from Harris Interactive could be useful.

The integrated, Web-based system gives clients 24/7 access to all data collected regardless of interviewing mode.

“Why should a client need to wait to a get a top-line report, or even have to pick up the phone or send an e-mail to generate or retrieve information,” said Chris Kuever, Harris Interactive VP, technical sales.

With its marketing research platform GlobalSynch, they can log on and, depending on their access privileges, generate virtually any view of the data, from PowerPoint to PDF.

Being able to generate presentations whenever they're needed may help increase the visibility of research within client organizations, Kuever said, adding that the Harris research staff use the same system, creating a “collaborative environment.”

Harris says it's ideally suited to enterprise-level business intelligence and studies using multiple sample sources.

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