HBA salutes Bayer effort to bolster women leaders

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Bayer HealthCare was awarded the Healthcare Businesswomen's Association (HBA) ACE Award in recognition of its Women's Leadership Initiative. 

The award recognizes "leadership programs that perform, specifically demonstrating excellence in business performance, stewardship, execution, sustainability and measureable results." 

Bayer's two-year-old Women's Leadership Initiative aims to cultivate women leaders through networking opportunities, educational and mentoring programs, tools and other resources for female managers within the company.

“Bayer HealthCare's WLI clearly demonstrates a strong commitment to fostering the leadership development of women, which will have a direct impact on the healthcare industry,” said HBA President Deborah Coogan Seltzer. “We are proud that the ACE Award is recognizing this effort.”

The award will be presented Thursday at HBA's 2011 Leadership Conference in Washington, DC.

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