InVentiv launches compliance/adherence business

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InVentiv Health is launching a business aimed at improving patient compliance and adherence.
InVentiv Patient Outcomes, the firm's fourth business unit, will be led by Ed Mitzen, formerly of InVentiv companies CHS and Palio, who becomes president of the group.

The unit includes: The Therapeutics Institute, a corps of 300 nurse educators available to assist healthcare professionals in designing in-office patient education; Adheris, which offers pharmacy-based compliance and adherence programs; The Franklin Group, which offers reimbursement case management and patient assistance programs for patients who need financial support; and AWAC, which offers disease management support to third-party payors and physicians.

InVentiv acquired AWAC in June. Founder and CEO Dr. Rick Richards will stay on in that role, reporting to InVentiv COO Terrell Herring.

“Across InVentiv Health, most of the services we provide occur before the physician writes the prescription,” said Mitzen. “InVentiv Patient Outcomes is distinct because our focus is on what happens after the prescription is written. We see a significant opportunity to partner with healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies, pharmacists and payors to help patients get the most from their therapy and ultimately achieve better health.”

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