Lunesta spots most recalled in study of DTC TV ads

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DTC ads for Sepracor's sleeping pill Lunesta were recalled over 50% more than the average new prescription ad launched this past TV season, according to a recent study conducted by IAG Research.

The study was based on 24-hour viewer recall of new prescription drug ads launched within the 2006-07 TV season from 09/01/06 – 09/23/07.

The most recalled ads were:
• No. 1 Sepracor's Lunesta “7-Night Challenge.” Luna moth flies over bridge and water and into people's homes/tents. (:60). Recall index 157.

• No. 2 Sepracor's Lunesta. “7-Night Challenge.” Luna moth flies over a lake into couple's home, then onto woman's pillow. (:60). Recall index 155.

 • No. 3 Pfizer's Zyrtec. “Story #43.” Clothes falls on woman and she sneezes. (:45) Recall index 140.

• No. 4 Schering-Plough's Nasonex. Animated bee talks about prevention of nasal allergy symptoms while buzzing next to Nasonex bottle. (:30). Recall index 138.

• No. 5 Takeda's Rozerem. “Your dreams miss you.” Abraham Lincoln, talking beaver, man in a suit and man diving suit at a bus stop. (:60). Recall index 136.

•Tied for No. 6 Pfizer's Lipitor. Dr. Robert Jarvik in white lab coat discusses risk of heart disease and stroke caused by high cholesterol. (:60). Recall index 126.

• Tied for No. 6 AstraZeneca's Crestor. Man at fish market near ocean whose cholesterol is out of whack; his body splits into various sections. (:60). Recall index 126.

• Tied for No. 6 Merck/Schering-Plough's Vytorin. Plates of food shown next to shots of relatives such as Grandpa Bow and bowtie pasta. (:60). Recall index 126.

•Tied for No. 7 GlaxoSmithKline's Valtrex. Couple talks about the risks of contracting herpes; 70% of people affected got it from their partner. (:60). Recall index 124.

• Tied for No. 7 Eli Lilly's Cialis. Couples in various romantic places including lying in front of fireplace, in restaurant, in rowboat and lying on hammock. (:60). Recall index 124.

• Tied for No. 8 Merck's Gardasil. Young women including a cowgirl, colorguard, gymnast and softball player say they want to be "One Less." (:60). Recall index 120.

• Tied for No. 8 Pfizer's Caduet. Woman in red vest walks along a beach; splits into two and says she has high blood pressure & cholesterol. (:60). Recall Index 120.

"The fact that Lunesta along with other prescription brands including Nasonex, Rozerem and Vytorin remain at the top is a testament to strong campaign development that continues to deliver seamless creative extensions that effectively break-through the clutter and reinforce the brand identity synonymous with the icon present in the ads," said Fariba Zamaniyan, SVP of IAG Research's pharmaceutical practice in a statement."The fact is, DTC has reached a new chapter in its evolution. Memorablity isn't just a function of big budgets but rather strong creative concepts. The ranking includes campaigns with budgets big and small for brands both new and existing. Adoption of the basic principles of advertising makes this past TV season of new prescription drug ad launches pivotal in the maturation of advertising in this category."

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