Nineteen percent of docs refuse to see reps: survey

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Nineteen percent of US office-based physicians refuse to see drug and device industry sales reps, according to a recent analysis conducted by healthcare marketing firm SK&A Information Services.

Another 22.7% require reps to set an appointment, the survey found.

“The old days of walking into an office and bumping into the doctor are waning,” Dave Escalante, SK&A president said in a statement.

The SK&A study was based on a telephone survey of 180,000 doctors during the fourth quarter of 2007.

About 5% of surveyed physicians will visit with reps only on specific days of the week and 3.2% percent have restricted their access to specific times of the day with lunch time being the most popular.

Meanwhile, nearly 73% of physicians surveyed will take details from reps at any time of day or any day of the week, the survey said.

When are Physicians Available to See Drug and Device Sales Reps?
  Percent of 
Availability Physicians Responding
Will see reps any time or any day 72.7%
Will see reps only on specific days of week 5.0%
Will see reps only during specific times of day 3.2%
Morning: 1.0%  
Lunch: 1.2%  
Afternoon: 1.0%  
Will not see reps any time or any day 19.1%
TOTAL 100%
Appointment required to see physician 22.7%
-Source: SK&A Information Services
January 2008


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