Ogilvy and Healthworld merge to form new agency

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Ogilvy Healthcare and Healthworld Communications Group, both WPP companies, have merged to form Ogilvy Healthworld. The agency will provide both consumer and professional marketing services. This merger coincides with the successful win of two new global brand identity accounts for AstraZeneca and Roche.
AstraZeneca has asked the agency to partner with them in the development of a global brand identity for one of their key pipeline products, Galida, which will compete in the Type II Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome markets. Galida is scheduled for launch in 2007.
The new group was also appointed by the global marketing team at Roche to develop and implement brand strategy and marketing communications for Herceptin, their targeted breast cancer therapy.
Ogilvy Healthworld's client roster includes Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, GlaxoSmithKline, Wyeth, and AstraZeneca.
Steven Girgenti, who leads Ogilvy Healthworld as global chief executive, said, "Ogilvy Healthworld's unique strategic and creative vision allows a brand challenge to be approached from a 360 degree branding and communications perspective, driving inspired solutions for clients' communication challenges. We are proud to have been appointed by both AstraZeneca and Roche - our aim is not just to generate success for our clients and their brands but to help make the world a healthier place in which to live."
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