Outcomes journal struggles for funding

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A new journal, which is intended to discuss the emerging field of outcomes research, is instead struggling to get off the ground.

The debut of CE Measure: The Journal of Outcomes Measurement in Continuing Healthcare Education—which was already postponed from late spring to early September—again appears in jeopardy, because the journal's editor, Robert Orsetti, can't raise the $100,000 needed for the premier issue.

“My big problem is I've got lots of manuscripts ready to go. I'm having trouble getting this issue funded,” said Orsetti.

The journal is an organ of the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (UMDNJ), but the university can't make up the shortfall.

Neither can the publisher. Carden Jennings is willing to invest in subscription marketing and advertising support but first “wants to have the continuing education community, including pharmaceutical firms, get behind it,” said David Ern, CEO of Carden Jennings.

The two have approached pharmaceutical and device companies to cover start-up costs. But the industry has not pledged financial support.

“I didn't expect this reaction,” said Orsetti, assistant VP, continuing education at UMDNJ.
Indeed, the peer-reviewed journal (MM&M, March 2006) was expected to fill a need—
dialoguing outcomes interventions, which many feel should be linked to continuing education.
UMDNJ, in the process of reevaluating its financials, has only paid for staff time.

Orsetti is widening his appeal to foundations and medical-education companies but said he may need to delay launch or reconsider the publication plan.
He is surprised by what turned out to be his main dilemma.

“It suggests there's some kind of disconnect,” he said. “Everybody thinks [the journal] is necessary, but nobody's able to help get it off the ground.”

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