Pfizer’s Kelly alludes to universal healthcare

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Pfizer's president of U.S. pharmaceuticals Pat Kelly said in a recent interview that the  "combination of the largest elements of our health system working together," is where the most progress toward helping America's uninsured is being made.
Kelly issued the remarks in an interview with the North Carolina newspaper, The Winston-Salem Journal.
When asked about the solution to the problem of America's uninsured, Kelly responded:
"If you did the combination of . . . an extension of a national, federal-based health program to create some base level of coverage – and I mean a very base level of coverage for everybody – then you add to that incentives for employers to continue coverage for either retirees or their actives, and then special incentives for small employers. That is where the issue is. The vast majority of the uninsured who are employed are employed in small business – the vast majority."
Kelly was in North Carolina last month to bring a program providing free drugs to the uninsured, called Sharing the Care, to a community health center there.
Kelly is the son of the newspaper's late executive editor and worked for the publication as a reporter one summer while attending Duke University.
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