Remedy and UC Berkeley launch wellness platform

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Remedy Health Media is partnering with the University of California-Berkeley on, which will deliver wellness information to consumers with the customary interactive spoonfuls of sugar—quizzes, slideshows, email alerts and social media feeds, along with roundtables and video chats featuring Berkeley experts.

Remedy and the Berkeley editorial board will collaborate on content, said Remedy. The site is expected to draw upwards of 1.25 million monthly unique visitors during its first quarter, the company said.

The site will be supported by advertising—inaugural advertisers include ProCure Proton Therapy Centers—pending approval of advertisers by a Berkeley review board, which the partners see as a differentiating point. It's in “very early beta” yet, said a Remedy spokesperson, but the aim is to establish a “device-agnostic platform” that engages proactive wellness info-seekers.

“We think wellness and prevention are going to become more important, and we're really excited about doing more on that side,” said CEO Michael Cunnion.

Remedy Health Media acquired HealthCentral in 2011 and last month launched Patient Health Services, a platform which allows docs to push condition-appropriate health and wellness information to patients.

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