Roche details Tamiflu production capacity

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Roche said its current production network was on track to produce 300 million treatments of Tamiflu annually by 2007 and negotiations with third parties to produce the drug have begun.
Roche said in a statement today that it had received more than 150 requests from third parties to produce Tamiflu and it was in early talks with eight companies, amongst them large generic manufacturers, pharmaceutical firms and governments.
"Patients' needs in case of a pandemic remain our top priority. William Burns, CEO of Roche's pharma division, said in a statement. "We have continually increased our production capacities and are now putting in place the means to increase production of Tamiflu to 300 million treatments as of 2007. In addition, we have entered into discussions with a number of interested parties to expand world wide supply, so governments can be as prepared as possible for when the influenza pandemic happens."
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