ViiV adds Tivicay to UN patent pool

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ViiV said today that it will grant the United Nations' Medicines Patent Pool a license for generic manufacturers to develop a pediatric formulation of dolutegravir "without paying a royalty in 121 countries where most (99%) of children with HIV live," the drugmaker stated, in hopes of accelerating access to dolutegravir (Tivicay) in areas of the developing world.

ViiV's CEO, Dr. Dominique Limet, stated, "Our new collaborations prioritize dolutegravir access for millions of children and adults with HIV and represent another step in our ongoing commitment to improving access and delivering innovation in the areas of highest unmet need."

ViiV established a tiered royalty structure to provide its product to adults, "where a small percentage of the sales price is paid based on the gross domestic product of a specific country," the company stated.

This voluntary license is available for all low-income and all sub-Saharan African countries and for specific middle-income countries including India. The licenses, according to ViiV, will "allow for the possible development, manufacture and supply of dolutegravir-based fixed-dose combinations...if and when approved by local regulatory agencies."

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