Five things for pharma marketers to know: Wednesday, March 2, 2016

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1. Physicians are increasingly marrying partners with similar educations, which may be one reason the U.S. is facing a doctor shortage in rural areas. A research letter published in JAMA says that such couples often choose to live in regions where both partners can find jobs. (Kaiser Health News)

2. Olympus, which manufactures a type of endoscope linked to deadly superbug outbreaks, said it will pay $623.2 million to settle criminal and civil charges. It's the largest settlement paid by a devicemaker for violating anti-kickback laws. (LAT)

3. Imbruvica, Johnson & Johnson's and AbbVie's leukemia drug, was rejected by the U.K.'s cost watchdog over its price. The therapy has a list price of $78,000. (Reuters)

4. Public and private insurers lose nearly $3 billion each year because drugmakers distribute cancer drugs in vials that hold too much for one patient. When a doctor or nurse identifies the dose needed for each individual patient, the rest of the vial is thrown away for safety reasons. (NYT)

5. Researchers proposed creating a new independent entity that would recommend what off-label information manufacturers should be allowed to share with doctors. (Stat)

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