Five things for pharma marketers to know: Thursday, January 14, 2016

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1. Valeant Pharmaceuticals interim CEO Howard Schiller said it's uncertain when CEO J. Michael Pearson will return from medical leave. Pearson took leave after he was hospitalized in December with severe pneumonia. Shares fell 2.2% on Wednesday after Schiller's comments at the JP Morgan healthcare conference. (Bloomberg Business)

2. Bayer hired Razorfish and iCrossing to handle digital creative, websites and mobile for certain categories in its Consumer Care division. Bayer reportedly plans to turn its focus away from TV and maximize digital. (Ad Age)

3. An increasing number of drugmakers that market hemophilia drugs and the specialty pharmacies that distribute those drugs are hiring patients and their family members are hiring patients. An executive at the National Hemophilia Foundation said “there are a lot more patients that work in industry now than ever before.” (NYT)

4. Two consumer groups asked the Obama administration to override the patent on Xtandi, an expensive prostate-cancer drug marketed by Astellas Pharma. They are arguing that because the National Institutes of Health helped fund the drug's development the government should make this override. (Stat)

5. Curing cancer is more complex than it sounds. Cancer is essentially hundreds of diseases, and that makes President Obama's call to cure cancer with a “moonshot” misleading and outdated. (NYT)

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