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AstraZeneca launched a corporate blog—AZ Health Connections—à la JNJ BTW and GlaxoSmithKline's More Than Medicine. The blog is edited by Earl Whipple, a senior director in the company's corporate communications group. In his inaugural blog post, Whipple said the company wants the blog to function as “a forum where you can interact with AstraZeneca US, while we work and innovate on the front lines of healthcare.” The blog has not discussed specific AZ products.

Everyday Health added to its portfolio of sites via strategic partnership. The move reflects a greater focus on animal health brands at pharmaceutical companies, as well as the recent launch of WebMD Healthy Pets. launched in 2008, and was deemed the “WebMD for Pets” by a syndicated TechCrunch reporter.

Diabetes Mine, an online patient community, partnered with to launch DiabetesMine Health Plans. The health plans provide consumers with individually-customized suggestions on how to manage diabetes., a personalized health management site, was founded by Adam Bosworth, formerly the head of Google Health.

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