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Novo Nordisk launched NovoDose, an iPhone app that serves as a mobile insulin dosing guide for physicians, who can look up dosing guidelines and blood glucose levels. It's available on iTunes for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Physicians going online for health information visit professional sites most often, and they visit WebMD's Medscape—a free portal for docs—more than any other, according to a comScore/ImpactRx study. comScore found that 81% visited sites geared toward a professional health audience during the first quarter of 2010. After Medscape, the next most popular destinations were,, and

Sending reminders in text messages to adolescent diabetes patients improved adherence to insulin regimens. Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus, Ohio sent “friendly, supportive” messages to a small group of teenaged patients and saw a three-fold decrease in missed doses. Non-adherence among adolescents is a big problem, running four times higher than for adults. The endocrinologist behind the study, Jennifer Dyer, MD, has developed an iPhone app to allow docs to send reminder texts to multiple patients at a time.
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