Smart watch app snags top hackathon prize

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An app that times chest compressions and prompts paramedics to administer medications to patients suffering cardiac arrest outside the hospital captured the top prize in the first-ever Emergency Medicine Hackathon, where programmers and coders joined with designers and doctors to solve challenges in emergency medicine.

In addition to the compressions and medication reminders, the CodeTimer app--demonstrated here-- provides a time-stamped summary of the events in the field for physicians at the emergency department to review when receiving the patient. 

The challenges proposed at the Hackathon were patient-doctor communication, big data, geriatric medicine, real-time location services, and paramedicine care, the category that yielded the CodeTimer.

The American College of Emergency Physicians' and the Emergency Medicine Residents' Association  teamed up with Hacking Medicine at MIT, Chicago Health 2.0, and Grand Sponsor AllScripts to conduct the three-day event last month in Chicago.


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