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ICC Lowe

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ICC Lowe is a leading full-service healthcare communications company. Our expertise is delivering medical insights and customer engagement through award-winning creative and digital excellence. ICC Lowe is the model originator for total integration of healthcare communication services.  For more than 25 years, our strategic goal has been to identify, streamline, and coordinate insightful communications across stakeholder channels. This kind of integration benefits all of our client relationships, as they're able to access a powerful collective of disciplines with a shared pursuit of excellence and innovation.

At ICC Lowe we partner with our clients to build brands based on sound understanding of each client's disease category, product, and customer. We provide value through expertise in marketing, strategic planning, medical/scientific insights, creative, digital, sales promotion, advertising, and medical education.

We believe today's successful healthcare brands require a deep understanding of evolving customer behaviors and the progressive digital landscape. Through analysts, channel experts, and engagement planners, our team creates a unique collaboration of strategy and real-world assessment by developing meaningful, measurable brand interactions.

ICC Lowe delivers on insight and strategy through multichannel creative platforms. We believe great advertising should aspire to be authentic—speaking to doctors, patients, and caregivers with genuine, accurate, and open communication delivered in novel, unexpected ways, while always striving to lead.


ICC Lowe has always enjoyed long-term relationships with our clients.  We don't simply describe these as fun and enjoyable, but prefer the term “Productive Client/Agency Relationship” when describing one that really hits the mark.  Being “productive” means that both the client and agency are invested in each other's goals.

ICC Lowe is tenacious about helping our clients and their brands achieve success in the marketplace.  We know that if our business partners — and the brands they manage — aren't successful, the agency simply won't have as many opportunities to do outstanding work. Our clients reciprocate by helping us achieve our goals, which include enhancing the performance of our people, allowing us to bring forward unique ideas, and, at times, taking risks to bring breakthrough, market-changing work to them.

When we begin aligning our mutual goals for the brand, both the client and the agency are invested in achieving them, right from the start of the relationship.


Address: 5 Sylvan Way, Parsippany, NJ 07054

Phone: 973-984-2755


New Business Contact: Matt Brown, General Manager,, 973-451-2212

Year Founded: 1985

Employees: 400

Holding Company: Interpublic Group of Companies

Sample Clients: Biogen Idec, Janssen Therapeutics, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Shire, Sunovion, and ­Allergan

Office Locations: Parsippany NJ, London, Mumbai, Paris, Milan, Barcelona, and Zurich

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