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MPR's mission is to develop integrated, multi- platform marketing communication programs for pharmaceutical companies by leveraging the MPR brand's 28-year history of providing concise, up-to-date drug information to over 650,000 clinicians. MPR delivers point-of-care messages to the healthcare professional's preferred media: web, mobile, and print. Every program delivered includes comprehensive metrics to measure Return-On-Investment.


MPR strives to facilitate richer engagement between US-based prescribers and resources available from pharmaceutical manufacturers. MPR offers relevant engagement at the point-of-care and post e-prescribing that provide multiple touch points and influence prescribing behavior. Our clients enjoy the strategic advantage that comes from the alignment of clinical need and marketing objective in the planning and execution of multi-channel, non-personal promo via MPR's platforms.


  • Integrated NPP
    • Direct-mail
    • Email
    • Web
    • Mobile
  • Prescribing ALERTs
  • KOL-delivered content and videos
  • Disease awareness
  • Patient counseling and compliance tools
  • RM integration
  • HCP-level targeting
  • Interactive website – access to branded resources 24/7
  • Microsites
  • Display and banner advertising
  • Dissemination of co-pay cards, coupons, SRFs, etc.


A product in a highly-competitive category had a recent formulary win that was communicated via the clinical context of MPR's Prescribing ALERT to geo-targeted, high-decile prescribers across direct-mail, email, and MPR Mobile platforms. QR codes and vanity URLs were incorporated to traditional components; full analytics package tracked all digital deployments. A feedback mechanism was deployed across all platforms. The result was a projected ROI of 3:1.


Address: 114 West 26th Street, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10001
Phone: 646-638-6000
Fax: 646-638-6119
New Business Contact: Tammy Chernin, SVP, 646-638-6024;
Year Founded: 1985
Offices: Several, with domestic and international ­capabilities
Holding Company: Haymarket Media, UK
Sample Clients: All Pharma

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