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710 South 2nd Street 7th Floor
Minneapolis, MN 55401
Tel: 612.200.5000

We’re a full-service agency focused on health and medical marketing, from prevention to intervention. And our ability to make clients’ offerings meaningful through a compelling balance of clinical credibility and human relevance is unique in this space.

Whether it means discovering the emotional power of a complex technical or clinical story, or validating the clinical relevance of a consumer product, we’ve got the clinical and creative chops to do it. Which is great for our clients because, at the end of the day, 1) physicians, despite their claims that it’s all about the data, have feelings too and want to connect with the brand, and 2) consumers will pay more for products with a proven clinical benefit.

We wouldn’t be able to do what we do without the perspective of marketing highly technical products and solutions for more than three decades. Our depth of understanding allows us to provide the context and nuance necessary to not just make things clearer—but make them matter. That’s our niche, our brand and our passion.

Along the way, we’ve been honored nationally by Medical Marketing and Media (MM&M) as the Silver Small Healthcare Agency of the Year, and have won numerous awards for our work on behalf of clients, including recognition from the Tellys, Webbys, Clio Health, Ad Age and Modern Healthcare. We’ve also been named one of “100 Best Companies to Work For” by Minnesota Business and one of the “Healthiest Employers” by the Minneapolis St. Paul Business Journal.

Doing great work and staying true to ourselves have certainly helped raised our profile (not our egos). Since the beginning, we’ve kept our philosophy simple: do great work for our clients, stay true to ourselves and enjoy the ride. We actively seek partners, clients and talent who share our mission to have a positive impact on health.

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    Working with an agency has the potential to be exciting, creative, thought-provoking, productive and fun—truly one of the best parts of your job. Or among the worst. Tapping into our 30+ years of experience, we offer these fundamental truths to help you get the best from your agency partner.

  • Medela Sonata Launch

    To help Medela launch its first smart breast pump, Sonata, we created an integrated market conditioning, teaser and launch campaign that tapped into the sense of empowerment millennial moms feel about breastfeeding. Within two months of launch, Sonata received millions of views online—and exceeded its annual e-commerce sales goal.

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