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Stephen Wray, CEO
Stephen Wray, CEO

Cadient Group CEO Stephen Wray reports that revenue for the agency was up 15% in 2011. Expertise was strengthened in mobile and social program development, multichannel user experience program development, and insight and analytics. If not for FDA delays, Wray says last year could have been the agency's best ever.  “I'm encouraged that revenue growth in the past 12 months has been fueled by a more diverse set of engagements,” he says.

The agency's five brand account wins and five enterprise-level technology platform assignments had work spanning global marketing portals, digital support of sales forces, content management and reimbursement platforms, and multichannel analytics tools. Brand wins were in diabetes (consumer AOR), cosmetic dermatology (consumer and professional AOR), men's health (digital AOR), immunology (HCP AOR) and cardiovascular medicine (consumer and HCP AOR).


Many existing accounts expanded across mobile and social program development, iPad/tablet content development, ePublications design and REMS support.

Two accounts were lost—one to consolidation and one to budget cuts.

Long known for its digital expertise, all of Cadient Group's work involves digital.

“We haven't stood still,” Wray says. “Ironically, we significantly increased our offline capability in 2011, incorporating print and video execution, core branding and branding design, and messaging platform development. We're committed to what's most effective for clients, and that philosophy shouldn't start with a bias towards a particular channel.”

Launching the 3.0 version of the REVEAL insights and analytics platform was a milestone, expanding competitive insights and category benchmarking capabilities.  The agency has taken its own medicine, training staff on new mobile and content management platforms and providing them many of the analytics and insights tools used for clients.

“Our customers are really embracing the concept of reshaping their commercial model,” Wray says. “Our partnership has helped them rethink the sales force role, expand levels of customer service, enable insights generation through communities, and embrace social media-based condition education.”

Wray adds that the Cadient team's innovations have “clearly helped infuse new energy into clients' communications initiatives” and that the team itself has “demonstrated we're prepared to address the needs of the changing customer environment in parallel with a rapidly evolving technology landscape.”

Headcount was up a few to 122. Hires included strategic engagement directors Muir Palmer and Nick Bartolomeo; Vince Varallo, senior director, technology product development; Shweta Neville, product design lead for insights & analytics solutions; and Melissa Shusterman, manager, web analytics. Will Reese, who maintains his role as chief innovation officer, was promoted to managing partner. Bryan Hill was promoted to chief technology officer.

Revenue is trending up this year. Commitment to innovation will continue, and strategic acquisitions are on Wray's radar.

“We can't invent every innovation we might need for the future,” Wray says. “Maybe companies within adjacent verticals or with highly specialized skill sets present opportunity for us to enhance our capability.” He also stresses the agency always needs to search out “key trends and innovative uses of digital that have application to our customers' needs.”
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