Best Agency Self-Promotion

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Best Agency Self-Promotion
Best Agency Self-Promotion

Rewarding excellence in strategic thinking and creative execution of a self-promotion print advertisement/campaign, website, video or other communication channel by a healthcare agency.

Blue Diesel
Douglas Fur

Who is Douglas Fur? “[He's] the dude taking your holidays to the next level” and Blue Diesel's fictional, playful take on the holiday greeting card.  The campaign centered on their bearded front man has streaming video, wallpaper, screensavers, a pinball mobile-app, and even a beard contest.

On the homepage, you notice a plaid shirt hung on the corner of a piece of a wood, with forests in the background: the blog is set up as a notice nailed to a tree. Along with the website, the agency set out to further “pique curiosity through a direct-mail push consisting of a box of goodies from the wild including moose munch, peppermint bark, a pine-scented custom plaid air freshener, and a hard copy sound-enabled greeting card.”

The tagline, “Take it Further”, has done just that: with 60% return traffic for, nearly 7,000 downloads of the pinball app, and visitors from three continents, 10 countries and 39 states. And it won over our judges as well: “Entertaining and different, made me want to watch to the end.”

The campaign demonstrates the agency's ability to move both inside and outside the tried-and-true industry standards, which another judge picked up on: “Good use of agency talents to showcase capabilities. Excellent multi-channel promotion.”

Although the holiday season is over, Douglar Fur's legacy lives on. The model, Jack Passion, won the 2011 German International Beard and Moustache Championship with the first perfect score for an American in the Natural Beard category.

CDM Princeton
2010 Manny Award Videos

“The way of the agency. Truths simply told. Delightful” are some of the many positive things said about CDM Princeton's 2010 Manny Award videos. And what was the strategy behind this well-received production? “We created short videos announcing our nominations in each category. Our objective was to not take ourselves too seriously. Rip off a little ‘SNL.' Assume that the open bar would make our videos seem a little funnier.”


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