Best Agency Self-Promotion

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Best Agency Self-Promotion
Best Agency Self-Promotion

Rewarding excellence in strategic thinking and creative execution of a self-promotion print advertisement/campaign, website, video or other communication channel by a healthcare agency.

Compass Healthcare Marketers

Empower Patients

Compass Healthcare Marketers' website does an extraordinary job highlighting its focus on engaging, empowering and positively impacting rare disease and orphan drug patient communities. The site's rich content includes patient stories; a robust blog; case studies of client work; and eight “Why I do what I do” videos.

In the short videos, employees relay authentic and moving personal stories. President/CEO Peter Nalen talks about his brother's misdiagnosis and subsequent seven-year battle with cancer in pre-Internet days. Abey Abraham, director, project management, shows a picture of his friend Joe who died of a rare cancer, and explains how the internet helped Joe and loved ones gather information, connect with others and draw support and comfort. 

The website also includes a section dedicated to the agency's Innovation Lab events, conceived to share experiences and knowledge among those practicing in the rare disease space. It provides access to a wealth of information, including links to actual presentations.

Results include business opportunities gained from website requests; new hires; and capacity online registrations for and attendance to Compass-sponsored marketing events, with more than 20% of attendees requesting follow-up meetings or more information.

Cline Davis & Mann Princeton and AIDS Service Center NYC

AIDS Service Center NYC: Condom Ad

CMD Princeton developed this fantastic ad to both promote its own creativity and to recognize the AIDS Service Center NYC in a brochure for the organization's annual fundraiser, “Safer Sex in the City.”

It features an image that closely resembles a NYC subway map with the routes shown being predominantly shaped like a condom and -station stops carrying male and female first names. The tagline reads: “No matter where you get off, always use protection. Thanks, ASC, for helping us ride safely.”

The Finalists

• AbelsonTaylor—AT Self Promotion

• Cline Davis & Mann Princeton and AIDS Service Center NYC—AIDS Service Center NYC: Condom Ad

• Compass Healthcare -Marketers—Empower Patients

• Flashpoint Medica—Meet Flash!

• Scout Marketing—Be Brave. Find Scout.

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