Best Agency Self Promotion

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ICC Lowe "Fun/Kitchen"
ICC Lowe "Fun/Kitchen"

Rewarding excellence in strategic thinking and creative execution of a self-promotion print advertisement/campaign, website, video or other communications channel by a healthcare agency


• Draftfcb - NY for “We Doubled —Agency Self-Promotion Video”

• Harrison & Star for “What Turns Specialist On?”

• ICC Lowe for “Fun/Kitchen”

• ICC Lowe for “Tangrams ­Campaign”

• McCann Torre Lazur and ­McCann echo Torre Lazur for “New Blood/Best Brains ­Campaign Recruitment Ads”

ICC Lowe
ICC Lowe “Fun/Kitchen”

ICC Lowe highlighted one of its core values—to have fun—by using humor in a series of short films about agency life. The films have been featured at industry events and online to promote the agency and engage employees, potential recruits and prospective clients.

“Every agency faces the challenge of distinguishing itself in a way that aligns with objectives and strategies and is consistent with its culture and core values,” the agency explained. “The films were designed to portray universal truths and connect with our humanity through self-deprecating and hyperbolic humor. In ‘Kitchen' we unveil an undeniable truth: people eat each other's food in an agency.”

The “Kitchen” begins with the line “If you really want to know what's happening in an agency... hang out in the kitchen,” and ends with the line “Advertising is tough... stealing other people's food is easy.”

Running just under two mintues, it shows several ways people poach other people's food—including food that's been designated for a client meeting and a birthday cake. There's also a running gag in which a woman unfurls almost an entire roll of paper towels.

One judge noted that the “Kitchen” communicates the agency's creativity and spirit without overtly stating it. “I like how it shows rather than tells,” this judge added.

A second judge appreciated how the film quickly asserts the agency's personality.

ICC Lowe reported that the films are regularly cited as a reason prospective employees pursue the agency.

Draftfcb–NY and Area 23
We Doubled—Agency Self-Promotion Video

This is a fantastic video illustration of the fact that Area 23 has doubled in size. It shows a man squirm for about 30 seconds before he explodes in a gob of green goo and reemerges next to a duplicate of himself. Then the agency's logo appears above the lines: “We doubled. And we're hiring.”

“Pure, wacky fun,” commented one judge.

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