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"I talk": Auvi-Q Branded Health Care Professional Website Clinical Advisor
"I talk": Auvi-Q Branded Health Care Professional Website Clinical Advisor

Recognizes excellence for websites targeted at healthcare professionals, promoting specific branded products and services (

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• Publicis Healthcare Com­munications Group and Sanofi for

• ICC Lowe Trio and Johnson & Johnson Healthcare Products for (brand: Listerine)

• Klick Health and Acorda Therapeutics for

• Medtronic Neuromodulation for

• Sudler & Hennessey and Ferring Pharmaceuticals for ­

Publicis Healthcare ­Communications Group and Sanofi
“I talk”: Auvi-Q Branded Health Care Professional Website Clinical Advisor

All judges agreed that this team did a great job of engaging HCPs and of differentiating Auvi-Q, Sanofi's new epinephrine auto-injector product that competes against a brand that's been around for more than 30 years and has nearly 100% marketshare. 

“Simple execution that strongly demonstrates the product benefits,” said one judge. “This straightforward website explained the product features and benefits very effectively,” said a second.

The agency noted that prescribing behaviors in the category are deeply entrenched, and because HCPs are often unaware of patients' challenges with epinephrine auto-injector options, few understood the need for a change.

The goal was to introduce Auvi-Q as a breakthrough in epinephrine auto-injector design that can help almost anyone manage a severe allergic reaction.

The site is dynamic and includes an interactive virtual tour, a demo video, size comparisons, customizable views and resources for physicians, nurses and patients. It also effectively raises awareness of challenges in anaphylaxis management.

Several judges felt the video was very compelling. One noted that “the creative breaks through and reinforces product differentiation,” and was also impressed by the usefulness of the HCP tools provided.

Neuromodulation Healthcare Professional Website

This site provides high-quality clinical content that's personalized and customized based on role and specialty area.

“An extraordinary amount of information clearly organized,” said one judge.

Visitor statistics illustrate success—82% are very likely to return; 74% are likely to recommend the site; and 57% rate it 10 out of 10.

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