Best Individual Consumer Print Advertisement

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Best Individual Consumer Print Advertisement
Best Individual Consumer Print Advertisement

Recognizes creative excellence for a single print ad for a prescription drug, medical product or service appearing in any consumer magazine or newspaper.

CJ&P Advertising and MCGHealth
Stroke Seconds Count-Newspaper

Based in Augusta, Ga., MCGHealth is a network offering the most comprehensive primary, specialty and subspecialty care in the region. It includes the MCGHealth System Primary Stroke Center, staffed by world-class neurologists, neurosurgeons and neuro nurses who are internationally recognized stroke experts. CJ&P Advertising was challenged to debunk a belief that a competitor has a stronger stroke treatment program, even though it refers most of its difficult cases to MCGHealth.

This arresting and powerful ad illustrates the experience of stroke victims with phrases in vibrantly colored type rising above a brain. The phrases include: “Okay, who pushed the mute button. Weakness. Intense, hot, pure, unadulterated pain. I'm having trouble understanding. Why can't I speak? The words aren't coming out right. I need help. What are you saying?”

“Great stopping power,” noted one judge. “Iconic depiction of stroke in an out-of-the-box execution.”

A second judge described the ad as “a modern example of the traditional print advertisement,” and praised the team for “great work.”

“A simple idea well-executed,” noted a third judge. “It's very compelling and definitely grabs your attention.”
Objectives included educating on MCGHealth's points of difference and strengths within neurosciences and establishing that it provides superior comprehensive stoke and aneurysm care. The team ultimately wanted to ensure MCGHealth is the primary provider for stroke/aneurysm services within the region. Targets included targets adults 55+; women between the ages of 25 and 54 who are primary caretakers and healthcare decision makers;  and EMT personnel who make recommendations on where to take patients in emergency situations.

The agency reported NRC Data preference levels jumped from 51% to 61% after running the ad for 30 days.

RevHealth and Watson Generess
Consumer Ad

This ad for Watson's new oral contraceptive features a woman holding an Rx bag from which icons emerge—flowers, clothing, etc. RevHealth noted a “whimsical, magical quality” evokes “a feeling of happiness and lightness” that can be associated with the product and its charitable aspect, wherein $5 is donated to women's charities when patients fill prescriptions. “You've proven that even today print advertising has an ­opporutnity to evolve,” said one judge. “Stands out in a tough, competitive category,” said another.


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