Best Interactive Initiative for Consumers

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Best Interactive Initiative for Consumers
Best Interactive Initiative for Consumers

Recognizes excellence from any interactive initiatives targeting consumers, such as online video, mobile and gaming.

Heartbeat Ideas and Auxilium Pharmaceuticals
Low T Facts

Heartbeat Ideas noted that up to 13 million men in the US may have low testosterone, but many don't know it and are undiagnosed, since such symptoms as reduced sexual desire and low energy can be attributed to other conditions. The agency created this campaign to raise awareness, educate men and identify Auxilium's low-testosterone therapy Testim as the solution.

The campaign includes video in rich media unbranded ads, and, which links visitors to information at

The videos balance humor, information and reassurance to drive viewers to click to learn more. In one, a man, Dave, watches a TV news program. After he declines his wife's suggestion to go upstairs, the TV news anchor speaks directly to Dave, asking if he missed his wife's implication. The anchor notes that Dave might want to see his doctor, since his symptoms could signify low testosterone. He tells Dave that the condition is both common and treatable and asks him to click for more information.

“Very cool, engaging, funny and clever,” said one judge. A second judge praised the team for “great use of interactive media,” while a third praised the program's integration.

“The strategy was to dispel common misunderstandings of low testosterone symptoms and increase awareness of the condition and its treatment, while keeping a sense of humor,” the agency noted.

“Excellent use of digital to deliver strong messaging in an engaging way,” said a fourth judge.

The Cement Bloc and Celgene for Abraxane
Share the Little Things

The Cement Bloc did an outstanding job building an online community at for metastatic breast-cancer patients, friends and families to share stories, art—anything meaningful and inspirational. A Facebook page and banner ads helped drive participation. “What the web was made for—true interactivity and community,” one judge said. “Beautiful, engaging,” said another. Results include 32,000+ visits; 125,000 pages of content viewed in one month; and 25,000+ shares via email and social media.


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