Best Interactive Initiative for Healthcare Professionals

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Draftfcb and Centocor
Live in My Skin

Centocor's innovative Live in My Skin campaign got under the skin of dermatologists with an edgy, reality show-styled effort aimed at helping them better understand patients with psoriasis.

Dermatologists are notoriously unsympathetic toward psoriasis sufferers, failing to grasp the enormous psychological burdens of the disease. Centocor and Draftfcb reasoned that if they could get dermatologists to experience the daily litany of slights that sufferers face, they might be more motivated to do something about it. So they created a 30-minute reality show in which they had professional makeup artists outfit three dermatologists with prosthetic psoriasis plaques and recorded them as they went about their business and experienced everything from stares to outright discrimination.

The show aired on a Tivo-based platform, the Professional Television Network for Physicians, and was distributed as a DVD with issues of Dermatology News. Over 1,000 targeted dermatologists tuned into the PTN program. Of those, before the show, half said they thought that patients only had to worry about the visibility of their lesions. After watching the show, 90% said they had gained a deeper understanding of the burdens of the disease and a greater appreciation for the frustration their patients felt.

Our judges were impressed, too. They praised the campaign's “authenticity” and the way it “made the disease emotional for the doctor.”

Synapse Medical Communications and Novo Nordisk
Virtual Patient Diabetes Education Program

Novo Nordisk's Virtual Patient Diabetes Education Program won strong reviews from participating primary care physicians. The non-branded, patient-centered program, executed by Synapse Medical Communications and designed to be used by trained speakers, aimed to offer doctors a look at how their treatment decisions affect long-term outcomes for patients with type 2 diabetes through 3-D video animation. One judge said it “creates instant buy-in for the audience when they can create the patient.”
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