Best Interactive Initiative for Healthcare Professionals

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Best Interactive Initiative for Healthcare Professionals
Best Interactive Initiative for Healthcare Professionals
Blue Diesel and Johnson & Johnson
Ethicon Biosurgery Tablet PC and Mobile Initiative

Blue Diesel explained that Ethicon Biosurgery wanted to create compelling, engaging tools that would work within a variety of selling scenarios and for a wide range of customers. To effectively differentiate the company's hemostasis product offerings, the team replaced traditional print materials with comprehensive, interactive conversation guides that incorporate on-demand video and 3D surgical demos. Additional features include immediate request fulfillment, a comprehensive media collection and integrated mobile elements.

“True interactivity was the goal of this educational tool,” said one judge. “Visually, there was enough detail and depth to accurately represent the surgical procedure. Doctors could then virtually simulate the technique using nothing more than the pad and a stylus.”

The target audience includes surgical teams, hospital buyers and purchasing decision makers. The agency reported that the campaign's objective was to “drive positive change” and “create meaningful customer solutions.”
One judge praised a program for Evicel, a human fibrin sealant product, for it's success in leveraging “state of the art tablet eDetailing programming and content management to drive impactful sales presentations.”

Blue Diesel reported a sales force adoption level of 100%. The agency said plans are in motion to deploy it in the United Kingdom.

Group DCA and AstraZeneca
Nexium Golf Challenge

“This game was well-constructed and no doubt could become one that docs would spend a fair amount of time playing,” said one judge of this fun, unique program that uses a golf platform and an active learning approach to deliver key Nexium messages. “Really struck a balance of information and entertainment,” another judge noted. “Game controls were intuitive enough to engage just about anyone…while the course design was colorful with enough detail. Data on demand features kept pace to hold…attention even longer.”

The Finalists
  • Blue Diesel and Johnson & Johnson—Ethicon Biosurgery Tablet PC and Mobile Initiative
  • Concentric Pharma Advertising and Johnson & Johnson—Acuvue Oasys Pod Ride
  • Group DCA and Alcon Laboratories—The Flight School for Systane Ultra
  • Group DCA and AstraZeneca—Nexium Golf Challenge
  • Williams-Labadie and Astellas Pharma US—ASNC 2009 Interactive Experience
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