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Epocrates Rx for iPad: Enabling Physicians to Make Better Prescribing Decisions
Epocrates Rx for iPad: Enabling Physicians to Make Better Prescribing Decisions

Recognizes excellence in smartphone healthcare apps targeting HCPs, including: medical reference libraries for HCPs, promotional apps, patient records resources, med-ed apps and programs that turn smartphones into diagnostic tools or devices

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• GSW and Eli Lilly for “Clinical Trials Resource App”

• ICC Lowe and Allergan for “Botox Phase 1 Launch”

• Infuse Medical and Hologic for “The Hologic Trident ROI App”

• Interact Medical and Acumed for “iPad Sales App”

• Schwartz Communications and Epocrates for “Epocrates Rx for iPad: Enabling Physicians to Make Better Prescribing Decisions”

Schwartz Communications and Epocrates
Epocrates Rx for iPad: Enabling Physicians to Make Better Prescribing Decisions

In its first week of release, Epocrates' free medical reference app created for the iPad and iPad mini had 50,000 downloads. A 2013 Manhattan Research study ranked Epocrates the number-one most used iPad app by US physicians.

“This is likely the most used HCP app in the US for good reason—it delivers what's needed,” said one judge.

“Great features, utility and content,” a second judge said.

The app includes information for hundreds of brand, generic and OTC drugs. It also provides tools such as “Pill ID” and medical calculators.

“The goal was to develop an iPad version of Epocrates' popular medical reference app, embracing the iPad's size and design,” the agency said. “Taking advantage of the iPad's larger screen real estate, the app provides greater exposure to critical clinical information, enhanced pill identification displays and more convenient search tools.”

Prior to the app's launch, Epocrates drove conversation around tablets in healthcare and surveyed its clinician-users to gauge interest in the rumored release of the iPad mini. Survey results were shared with key media when the mini hit the market. Data about clinicians' interest in it and other key messages, such as the mini fitting perfectly into standard lab coat pockets, drove widespread coverage.

Interact Medical and Acumed
iPad Sales App

On a $31,500 budget Interact Medical turned Acumed's existing product information and previously used sales tools into a robust iPad app. In addition to helping physicians and reps, the app has enhanced perception of Acumed as a cutting-edge company.

Several judges liked its “clean design” and thought it was well laid out.

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