Best Online Patient Relationship/Support Program

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Best Online Patient Relationship/Support Program
Best Online Patient Relationship/Support Program
Klick Pharma and Allergan
My Lap-Band Journey Patient Support Program

One judge called Klick Communications's online support program for Allergan's Lap-Band “the definitive, comprehensive, visually appealing patient support program…it's what every online support program should strive to achieve.”

Another judge described the site as “totally customer -centric,” and praised the team for their understanding of the “depth of challenge and the long selling cycle.”

Klick said the objective was to provide prospective and existing patients with an online source of credible branded information and support about Lap-Band before, during and after weight loss surgery. The support program was developed in collaboration with patients, surgeons and other weight loss experts.

“[The site] provides a comprehensive experience for patients in a format that feels patient friendly and supportive,” commented one judge.  

Indeed, the site presents a lot of information; a primary challenge was ensuring that it helped users without overwhelming them.

“[We needed to] provide information…in a way that is easy to follow and not overwhelming so they can easily find the information and support they need to move from pre-surgery to post-surgery success,” the agency said.  

Though the site is chock full of information, it's visually clean and uncluttered, and it looks like a personal organizer. Content features include a weight loss tracker, journal, “mood monitor,” food diary, recipes, education information about Lap-Band and weight loss options, patient stories, FAQs, lifestyle and fitness tips and articles, and tools to learn about insurance and financing. The site also allows members to manage all related information, such as doctor visits and seminars. Weight loss and medical organization partners, such as Lindora Clinic and FitDay, provide special offers and benefits to members.

“Totally patient friendly and comprehensive,” said one judge.

CDM Princeton and Novo Nordisk

The agency created an inclusive and authentic community for hemophilia sufferers, who typically feel isolated. The site features patient images and stories, polls, Facebook connections and information about hemophilia and financial assistance. “Clean, engaging, interactive,” commented one judge. “Excellent integration with other social media modalities,” said another. The site launched with the Changing Possibilities Coalition. Ambassadors share advice and stories on the site. Nearly one-third of the US patient population have joined.  

The Finalists
  • CDM Princeton and Novo Nordisk—Changing
  • Hamilton Communications and Immune Deficiency Foundation (IDF) with an educational grant from Baxter Healthcare—IDF Common Ground Website
  • Klick Communications and Allergan—My Lap-Band Journey Patient Support Program
  • The Agency Inside Harte-Hanks and Merck—Januvia Relationship Marketing Program
  • Torre Lazur McCann and Axcan Pharma—CareFirst for Life Patient Support Program
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