Best Over-the-Counter Product Campaign

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Best Over-the-Counter Product Campaign
Best Over-the-Counter Product Campaign

Promotes and recognizes the best print ad or TV spot, or campaign. for over-the-counter medication, medical products or services in either business or consumer press.

AbelsonTaylor and Abbott

Ensure “Good Eggs” :30 TV Spot

AbelsonTaylor's fantastic “Good Eggs” TV spot uses beautiful animation to educate adults 45 and older about the benefits of Abbott's Ensure High Protein product and to quickly and memorably communicate the daily recommended value of protein.

“Entertaining,” noted one judge.

“Clear product communication,” said a second judge. “Nice animation style.”

The spot opens in a refrigerator with a close shot on four eggs that notice “the new guy,” i.e. a bottle of Ensure High Protein. One egg says the new guy is loaded with 25 grams of protein and another points out that the four eggs combined have only 24 grams of protein. The eggs go on to tell the audience that the new guy is also low in fat and has five grams of sugar. When the Ensure High Protein bottle asks “what's shakin',” one egg cracks and blushes. A voiceover explains that the product delivers 50% of daily protein and reiterates the 25 grams, low fat, low sugar points before the Ensure High Protein bottle rubs one of the eggs and says: “See, she's a good egg.”

“Consumers know they need protein to stay healthy and strong but aren't always sure of how much is enough,” the agency said. “Who better to discuss protein than talking eggs? It's an engaging, lighthearted approach to contextualize that 25 grams of protein is 50% of your daily recommended value.”

The agency reported that by driving product awareness among consumers, the “Good Eggs” TV spot led to a 132% increase in the average weekly consumption during the six weeks it aired. The agency also noted that 60% of Ensure High Protein users are new to the Ensure franchise.

Anderson DDB Health & Lifestyle and Pfizer Consumer

Home Farming

This campaign uses humor to illustrate the importance of Pfizer's calcium supplement Caltrate by featuring a woman milking a cow in the backyard of her urban home.

“A nice dramatization of the daily struggle to get enough calcium,” said one judge.

“Imagery and copy worked well together to form a cohesive, appealing TV ad,” said a second judge. “Print worked well with TV.”

Though reporting share of market as confidential, the agency noted the product is the “market leader.”

The Finalists

• AbelsonTaylor and Abbott—Ensure “Good Eggs” :30 TV Spot

• Anderson DDB Health & -Lifestyle and Pfizer -Consumer—Home Farming

• Anderson DDB Health & -Lifestyle and Schering-Plough—Lab

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