Best Product Launch Advertisement/Campaign in Professional Press

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LehmanMillet and Abbott Nutrition
Similac—Making a Splash

LehmanMillet knocked it out of the park for Abbott Nutrition with this campaign for its new formulation of baby formula. Wowing judges and increasing Abbott's market share by 10%, the ads show milk dripping from a baby bottle and pooling to form a mother cradling a baby and a GI tract.

“No need to cry over spilled milk with this design,” noted one judge. “It's so campaignable.” Judges also praised ads for clearly illustrating patient benefit and for clear branding. One noted that though the “spill technique” of illustration has been used a “thousand times,” he thought this execution was particularly relevant to the product.

“The ads are very effective visually,” noted another judge. “I found it a surprising, unexpected way to communicate through the spilled milk. The copy is good too. The whole composition is simple and powerful.”

The ads convey plenty of product information in a very clean, easily digestible way. The agency explained that healthcare professionals believe baby formula closest to breast milk is the best choice for infants, and the overall strategy was to leverage that belief. Copy stresses that the product's formulation, which contains prebiotics, is the closest possible to breast milk. The agency reported that prebiotics are the third largest component in breast milk, and they're believed critical to the developing immune system. Copy also details other elements of the formula, touts specific physical benefits of the formula and highlights that it is the only product on the market designed to support a baby's immune system.

The overall design is balanced, and the use of only white, blue and yellow is soothing and inviting.

“The ad is simple and elegant,” noted one judge. “It gets the key message across even without reading the headline.”

Flashpoint Medica and Cordis Corporation
Cypher Stent “Strength and Proof” Campaign

To refresh Cordis' first-to-market drug-eluting stent in a now crowded marketplace, the agency used a metaphoric image that judges found “powerful” and  “compelling.” Strong human bodies are shown within a red circle to represent the stent's power to keep coronary vessels wide open.

GyroHSR and LifeCell
Strattice Reconstructive Tissue Matrix

These ads illustrate tissue regeneration by showing a flower, an apple and an egg in a spectrum of states. “Metaphorical visuals help humanize the highly scientific subject matter,” noted one judge. Brand awareness went from zero to 60% and first year sales targets were exceeded.
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