Best Professional Print Campaign, Launches

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Best Professional Print Campaign, Launches
Best Professional Print Campaign, Launches

Recognizes excellence in print ads for the launch of a new prescription drug, medical product or service appearing in any medical journal or periodical.

Area 23 and Archimedes Pharma

Lazanda “Thank you, but…” Campaign

In their drive to eliminate cancer, oncologists can be relatively unconcerned about treating the excruciating breakthrough pain that many late-stage cancer patients experience. 

“To make our pain story break through the oncologists' wall of pain denial, our objective was to acknowledge the important work they are doing in fighting the cancer, while giving them a glimpse of something more that is still needed of them,” the agency explained. “We call this approach ‘Thank you, but....'”

The creative features black-and-white photographic portraits of patients conveying the harshness of breakthrough pain with distressed facial expressions. One tag line reads: “You're saving my life but sometimes I wish I was dead.” Another line of copy reminds physicians that “Lazanda works on breakthrough pain while you work on the cancer.”

All judges were impressed.

“Gritty, powerful imagery and type,” said one.

A second judge thought the “bold, good, emotional copy” was the campaign's strongest asset.  A third judge agreed, noting that “the copy makes the ad.” 

A fourth judge commented on the “strong emotional impact,” while a fifth singled out the  “evocative photography” and “great lines” for praise.

“Provocative story that gets to the more-than-the-cancer- pain message,” added a sixth judge.

The agency reported that the campaign has been highly -effective in increasing recall and awareness of breakthrough pain and the importance of treating it.

The CementBloc and Depomed

Pain Doll Launch Ad

Depomed needed a campaign to grab and hold attention as it launched Gralise, a novel new treatment for post-herpetic neuralgia, into a crowded market. The CementBloc created a memorable “Pain Doll” brand character, who before treatment is stuck with four pins. After treatment, two pins have fallen away.

“Clean, clever communication,” said one judge. “A fun, novel icon,” noted a second.

The agency says Gralise is on track with sales growth and brand recognition increased 47% in 6 months.

The Finalists

• Area 23 and Archimedes Pharma—Lazanda “Thank you, but...” Campaign

• Dudnyk and ViroPharma Europe—Cinryze - Prevent the Swell Campaign Launch

• RevHealth and Essilor—DEFINITY Progressive Lenses

• Symmetri Marketing Group and Dentsply—Chemfil Ads

• The CementBloc and Depomed—Pain Doll Launch Ad

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