Best Professional Print Campaign

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Best Professional Print Campaign
Best Professional Print Campaign

Rewards the best series of ads for a prescription drug, medical product or service appearing in any medical journals or other periodicals.

Harrison & Star and Genentech

Advanced BCC Awareness

This campaign's objective was to put physicians face-to-face with the devastation of advanced basal cell carcinoma (BCC), and begin to define what the term means.

The creative shows half of a man's nose ravaged by the cancer. The agency consulted practicing Mohs surgeons and other HCPs to create and photograph special effects lesions that would look “real enough to convince a specialist.”

The tagline reads: “This is the face of advanced BCC today.” Copy notes that BCC can recur and asks “what's next” for patients when treatment options are running out. It's then pointed out that Genentech is investigating the molecular basis of skin cancers, such as advanced BCC.

One judge called the graphic “powerful and arresting.”

A second judge commented on the ad's stopping power, saying that “it communicates the message perfectly.”

“The consequences of advanced BCC can be devastating,” the agency explained. “Until recently, standard treatments—radiation and surgery—carried with them the possibility of causing functional loss and physical damage. Because there is no better option, physicians see these treatments as the best they have.”

In a Dermatology Times readership study regarding the November 2011 issue, one of the ads (featuring a woman) got the top score for “attention-getting” and “believability.” The agency also reported that a disease awareness infosite on MedScape featuring the campaign had record-breaking metrics in December 2011.

Flashpoint Medica and Acorda Therapeutics

Think MS. Think Walking. Think Ampyra.

In an image of an MRI scan, Flashpoint Medica replaced one hemisphere of the brain with a shoe to increase awareness of multiple-sclerosis-related walking impairment and establish Ampyra as the top-of-mind therapy for the symptom.

“Directly to the point,” noted one judge. “Fresh and impactful.” said another.

Additional judges commented on the freshness of the approach.

“Though we've seen graphics constructed from organs before, the shoe brain is still fresh,” said a third judge.

The Finalists

• Cline Davis & Mann and Salix Pharmaceuitcals—Out of the Woods

• Flashpoint Medica and Acorda Therapeutics—Think MS. Think Walking. Think Ampyra.

• Harris D. McKinney and Expression Analysis—Genomic Know-How

• Harrison & Star and -Genentech—Advanced BCC Awareness

• McCann Torre Lazur and Shionogi—Ulesfia - Leave Lice Breathless Campaign

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