Best Professional Sales Aid

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Best Professional Sales Aid
Best Professional Sales Aid
GSW Worldwide and Covidien
Cap the Cough

Covidien asked GSW Worldwide to create an “ice breaker” for sales to start conversations about the dosing dangers associated with prescription cough syrups, and thus set the stage for a detail of TussiCaps master sales aid.

Judges agreed that GSW Worldwide's solution was brilliant—key chains with teaspoons of varying shapes and sizes were used to illustrate that “all spoons are not created equal.”

During calls, sales reps asked doctors to pick the spoon from the key chain that holds a 5 ml dose (the recommended dose of cough syrup a competitor prescribes for use).

“Inevitably, this activity would lead to a natural discussion of the difficulty in accurately dosing cough syrups and how TussiCaps make it easy,” the agency explained.

“Incredibly unique,” said one judge. “[This sales aid] serves as a great ‘door opener' affording greater opportunity for a detailed presentation in a crowded market.”

Another judge called the piece “extremely clever,” “memorable” and “fun for the eyes.”

Family practitioners were targeted. The objective was to increase awareness of the benefits of TussiCaps by reminding the doctors that prescription cough syrups can be very dangerous if they are not administered properly. The spoons are a fantastic conversation starter with family practitioners, and they very effectively emphasize that there is no danger of inaccurate dosing with TussiCaps.

Collateral features an image of a scorpion-shaped spoon, which really drove home the concept that “spoons are scary.”

“FDA actions continue to confirm that prescription cough syrups are powerful medications that need to be monitored [and] dosed correctly to ensure patient safety,” the agency noted. “Rather than just convenience of use, TussiCaps enables patients to get the proper dose every time, making it a safer option for all concerned.”

CDM Princeton and Schering-Plough/Merck
The NuvaRing Patient Hesitation Tool

To help doctors overcome patients' initial hesitation about NuvaRing, this team created outstanding video interviews of real women's initial reactions and their reactions after receiving more information. Collateral illustrates that “women love NuvaRing” by using the female gender symbol, a heart and a circle. “Clean and helpful,” noted one judge, who also noted that the entire effort did an outstanding job educating doctors. After a successful pilot, the program launched throughout the US and will go global in Q4 2010.  

The Finalists
  • CDM Princeton and Schering-Plough/Merck—The NuvaRing Patient Hesitation Tool
  • Dudnyk and Inspire Pharmaceuticals—AzaSite “Metal Man”
  • GSW Worldwide and Covidien—Cap the Cough
  • Palio and URL Pharma—Tough Guys
  • Saatchi & Saatchi Healthcare Innovations and Sanofi-Aventis—SculptraAesthetic
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