Best Professional Sales Aid

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Best Professional Sales Aid
Best Professional Sales Aid

Recognizes excellence in the promotion of drugs, devices, diagnostics and other medical services via sales aids distributed directly to healthcare professionals.

Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide and McNeil Consumer Healthcare

Allergy Face

Though Allergists and PCPs trust Zyrtec to deliver superior efficacy for patients with moderate-to-severe perennial and seasonal allergies, they don't always prescribe it as a first-line treatment.

To motivate HCPs to recommend the product at symptom onset, the agency highlighted the consequences patients face when they have to wait for relief.  Visuals of a “Grass Man,” a “Feather Duster Woman” and a “Weed Woman” make the point that the allergy sufferer has been consumed by their allergen. “Grass Man” shows a man overrun with grass hair and beard with the tag line: “Don't wait until allergies are written all over his face. Recommend Zyrtec right from the start of symptoms.”

“It communicates the problem and pulls through the solution with visuals and the right amount of supportive data,” said one judge.

“Great visuals tell the story quickly for a brand that is recognizable,” commented a second judge.

The agency pointed out that that the campaign “plays back a universal HCP point-of-view: patients want ‘simple wins' like working outdoors or cleaning the house,” as opposed to using “extreme, competitive testaments to efficacy,” like “trekking through the rainforest.”

Reported results include mention that the sales team has “wholly embraced” the campaign, and that McNeil Consumer Healthcare will support the Vis Aid with additional expressions of the core visuals through various print and digital channels.

“Key opinion leaders in the allergist community have testified to the distinctiveness of this campaign in a commoditized category dominated by parity perception,” the agency added.

AbelsonTaylor and Sunovion

Latuda Sales Aid

The cover of this sales aid for Latuda uses the image of a man that's been torn to pieces and reassembled to illustrate how schizophrenia can tear patients apart. Inside, the image is still fragmented but the cracks are less prominent, showing symptom improvement. Study data is reviewed in clean, open spreads.

“Great visuals with clear logical progression,” said one judge. “Relevant, clear presentation of data.”

The agency reported Latuda “is on track to succeed” in its very competitive category.

The Finalists

• AbelsonTaylor and Sunovion—Latuda Sales Aid

• Cline Davis & Mann Princeton and Merck—Implanon NXT Sales Aid

• Giant Creative Strategy and Roche—Roche Cobas HPV Test Sales Aid

• Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide and McNeil Consumer Healthcare—Allergy Face

• Palio and Abbott—Shattering Perceptions

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