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Shire "Adult Maintenance Campaign"
Shire "Adult Maintenance Campaign"

Recognizes excellence in the promotion of drugs, devices, diagnostics and other medical services via sales aids that are distributed directly to HCPs


• AbelsonTaylor and Healthpoint Biotherapeutics for “Santyl Street Sweeper Sales Aid”

• CAHG and Alcon Laboratories for “Inflammation Happens” (Durezol)

• Giant Creative/Strategy, LLC and Valeant Pharmaceuticals North America for “Xerese ‘Stop It' Detail Aid”

• ICC Lowe and Shire for “Adult Maintenance Campaign” (Vyvanse)

• Pacific Communications and Allergan for “Take a Second Look at Possible Chronic Migraine Patients in Your Practice” (Botox)

ICC Lowe and Shire
Shire “Adult Maintenance Campaign”

After Vyvanse received a new approval for maintenance treatment in adults with ADHD, Shire asked ICC Lowe to develop a campaign to raise awareness among PCPs and psychiatrists of the need for long-acting symptom control in adults with ADHD and encourage them to consider Vyvanse as a treatment option.

“This is an innovative execution on a market expansion strategy,” said one judge.

The creative, which features a woman standing on a street map, emphasizes the point that adult ADHD patients can experience symptoms of ADHD across multiple settings. The tagline reads: “For adults with ADHD, ADHD can go where they go.” Collateral materials provide statistics about adult ADHD as well as assessment information.

“Excellent explanation of types of ADHD and places/conditions in which it may surface in adults,” noted a second judge.

“Our campaign boldly visualizes the mapped out day in the life of an adult with ADHD,” the agency explained. “The concept demonstrates that many adults may need extended treatment that maintains efficacy over time.”

A third judge thought the campaign was clever and praised the team for consistent message pull-through in all collateral materials.

As a result of the campaign, the agency reported an increase of more than 27,000 total prescriptions written.

CAHG and Alcon ­Laboratories
Inflammation Happens

By breaking eye-care category conventions, this campaign helped annual sales of Durezol rise 24% in 2012.

The creative illustrates post-operative “messes” by showing a dog shaking off mud. The tagline reads: “If only you could predict how ocular inflammation will behave.”

Judges applauded the clear message and results.

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