Best Total Integration Program for Small Companies

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Best Total Integration Program for Small Companies
Best Total Integration Program for Small Companies

Recognizes and rewards the best use of different media for a single campaign for maximum measurable effect for clients companies with less than $10 billion in 2010 worldwide revenue.

LEVEL Brand and Medica
Plans That Fit Your Life

With a broad audience to reach, a limited budget and a fierce competitor to battle, the team at Level Brand, Gold Award winner last year, had their work cut out for them. But creative use of QR codes, specific marketing targets, and a catchy slogan, let them overcome these obstacles, and then some, with an attention-grabbing, results-driven campaign: Plans That Fit Your Life for Medica.

Medica, looking to increase its brand visibility against Blue Cross Blue Shield, wanted a media strategy focusing on its individually-tailored insurance plans. The agency's solution? Embedded QR codes which “provide consumers with immediate price quotes on health plans from their mobile phone.” One judge praised this tactic: “Great integration of mobile.” Level Brand also used specific visuals to focus on targeted groups, “from a young invincible to a single mom and a lesbian couple,” as well as “individuals who are not eligible for group coverage.”

A key success factor was Level Brand's ability to coordinate a multi-channel campaign via “metro billboards, gas pump toppers, hockey boards, bus shelters, skyway signs, and broadcast TV/radio.” It got media attention in the Star Tribune's business section and on social-media websites.

How did it impact Medica's business? They saw a “42% increase in applications,” “32% increase in enrolled members,” and a “3.4% increase in market share moving Medica from fourth to second market position.” As the judges observed: “Edgy approach, good use of QR codes. Great results.”

Digitas Health and MedImmune for FluMist
I Pick My Nose

I Pick My Nose, the rallying cry behind FluMist's intranasal flu vaccine was praised by our judges for its contagious tagline: “Unusually creative and engaging.” The agency, seeking to empower consumers with a choice in how they receive their flu vaccine, “developed a bold multi-media campaign…[which] included an integrated site, films, and YouTube Teaser banners and proprietary channel.” The seamless integration over numerous mediums was not lost on our judges. One noted: “clever, creative, and well integrated. “


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