Best TV Advertising Campaign

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Bigger Than
Bigger Than

Recognizes excellence in branded or unbranded TV ads or campaigns promoting a prescription drug, medical product or services, or disease awareness/education

Sponsored by OPUS Health


• Digitas Health and Shire for “Own It” (unbranded)

• Doner Advertising and OhioHealth for “OhioHealth 2013 TVCampaign—Connectivity”

• Healthwork Powered by BBDO & CDMi and Genentech for “Bigger Than” (Tamiflu)

• Merck & Co (with DDB) for “Shingles, The Inside Story” (Zostavax)

• Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness and AstraZeneca for “‘Doctor Doing Your Job' (DDYJ) TV Campaign” (Nexium)

Healthwork Powered by BBDO & CDMi and ­Genentech
Bigger Than

This campaign uses an effective play on proportion to communicate the key message that the flu is bigger than a little cold and emphasize the importance of seeing a doctor for a Tamiflu prescription.

Saturated with moody blues and greens, the spot shows a man suffering from the flu in a house that's miniscule in proportion to him. It opens on him coughing and wedged into a bed that's not big enough before he sits up, head grazing the ceiling, and plucks a tiny tissue from a tiny tissue box. The scene shifts to him in a doll-sized kitchen while a voiceover describes flu symptoms and stresses that the flu is a “really big deal.”

The man then crawls through a bathroom door, opens the medicine cabinet, and looks disheartened while the voiceover tells viewers: “There's something that works differently than over the counter remedies. Prescription Tamiflu attacks the flu virus at its source. So don't wait. Call your doctor right away.”

The spot then shows him dialing a tiny phone and winds down with him dwarfing his doctor's examination table.

“An exciting visual demonstration of a strong idea,” one judge said. “Memorable!”

A second judge said the spot “really dramatizes the misery and importance of treating the flu as a ‘big condition.'”  

Results were exceptional. Tamiflu sales volume more than doubled for 2012, and the agency reported an “exponential” increase in media coverage as well as “strong breakthrough levels and significantly improved brand and ad awareness.”

Digitas Health and Shire
Own It

Telling the stories of adult ADHD patients, including musician Adam Levine and baseball player Shane Victorino, has helped drive exposure and engagement for Shire.

Judges praised the campaign for its excellent targeting and clear messaging.

Results included 410 million impressions, and upwards of 122 million video views.

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