Best Use of Social Media

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Best Use of Social Media
Best Use of Social Media

Recognizes excellence from digital initiatives, targeting either consumers/patients or healthcare professionals that use social media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Biosector 2 and Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals

The DRIVE4COPD campaign aims to raise awareness and increase screening for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Biosector 2 noted that digital communication was key to encouraging screening, as a target audience analysis showed the at-risk population is increasingly online.

“Effective use of social media to drive social change and disease awareness,” said one judge.

The team communicates at least twice a week on Twitter and at least once a week on Facebook. Pre-approved messaging, content guidelines and regular monitoring ensure consistent engagement. Messages encourage younger people to become campaign ambassadors and share a five-question screener. Educational information, music, photos, videos and event details are also posted.

Campaign partners, including NASCAR and the Country Music Association, use their social-media channels to drive messaging. The team helps celebrity ambassadors with social-media messaging, videos and e-communications.

Other tactics have included a “Virtual Twitter Race” in which celebrity ambassadors competed to get people screened, and a songwriting contest that asked consumers to submit a video of an original song to help raise awareness.

“Really nice integrated campaign, leveraging celebrities and social well with great results,” said a second judge.
“Integration and hard work drove results,” noted a third.

The agency reported about 40 million digital and social media impressions since the February 2010 launch. The program has 58,325 Twitter followers; 4,000+ Facebook fans; and 10,600+ YouTube views. Twitter was a top-referring site in driving 246,000+ unique visitors to More than 10,000 completed the online screener during the Virtual Twitter Races. Ambassadors topped 5,000. The songwriting contest drew 150+ entries, 11,000+ online votes and 40,000 entry views in about two months.

Chamberlain Healthcare Public Relations and Boehringer Ingelheim
HealthSeeker: Simple Steps, Healthier Together

Chamberlain Healthcare PR and Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals collaborated with Diabetes Hands Foundation, Joslin Diabetes Center and game developer Ayogo to create this educational game on Facebook. “Great use of social media to drive results and behavior change in a complicated environment,” said one judge. “Innovative, engaging app with good use of community relationships,” noted another. The game has garnered nearly 275 million media impressions and has attracted about 7,300 players.


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