Certified CME provider: CME LLC

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Company Profile
CME LLC, a leading provider of fully accredited continuing medical education programs since 1978, offers a wide range of informational and educational resources for healthcare professionals that positively impact and objectively measure educational outcomes. CME LLC has a long history of producing and delivering scientifically rigorous, evidence-based and fair-balanced education for the healthcare professional and continues to evolve to meet the demands of the healthcare community. CME LLC's staff includes internal clinical experts, a nationwide network of expert faculty and various 
advisory boards.

Services and Offerings
Whether healthcare professionals prefer to attend local meetings, travel to a popular city, or learn from their home or office, or even at the gym, CME LLC provides a multitude of dynamic delivery mechanisms that best fit their lifestyle, including:

  • US Psychiatric & Mental Health Congress, the second largest psychiatric educational conference in the United States
  • Breakfast and Dinner Meetings
  • National and Regional Conferences: Practical Psychopharmacology Update and the Advances Series
  • Internet-Based CME and Home Study
  • Case Vignettes
  • Enduring Materials 
  • Outcomes Studies and Participant Evaluations
  • Domestic and International Capabilities
Impacting Patient Outcomes
All CME LLC programs aim to improve patient care with fair balanced, objective education. We use a circular approach to continuing medical education that has long been in place; it starts and ends with needs assessment/outcomes measurement. CME LLC regu-larly conducts needs assessments to identify gaps between ideal and actual clinician knowledge levels, which form the basis for its educational programs. Outcomes measurement initiatives gauge the impact CME has on the clinicians' behavior and professional performance and how much the gap was closed. CME 
LLC applies scientific research methodology to outcomes measurement, measuring the success of the educational intervention by focusing on clinicians' practices, the retention of educational content and the application of this content to positively affect their day to day approach to patient care.
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