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Company Profile
cme2's mission is to elevate medical education from a matter of pass/fail to learning mastery that measurably advances healthcare professionals' behavior and ultimately improves patient care. We believe that continued professional development of physicians and other healthcare providers can be enhanced through repeated, highly precise quantitative needs assessments. These needs assessments lead to the development of effective strategies that enhance competence and provider performance. 

cme2 is accredited by the ACCME and its overall medical education effectiveness is further measured by assessing cme2's adherence and compliance with the latest 22 ACCME Criteria for Accreditation. cme2 performs an annual in-depth analysis of compliance in conjunction with its Educational Advisory Board.

Services and Offerings
cme2's Mastery Intervention Solutions provides a foundation to more precisely develop and measure 
educational interventions that will enable physicians to achieve a higher level of learning. This level of learning helps close measured knowledge gaps in regards to clinically critical competencies involved in the diagnoses and treatment of a given medical condition and relevant to optimal patient care.

Content of each learning intervention is sharpened, refined, and targeted by applying our Mastery Intervention Solutions to exhaustively analyze all learning goals based on the five mastery content design criteria: Inclusion, Criticality, Granularity, Sequencing and Competency. Each learning objective is then developed with instructional content that meets the five design criteria.

cme2 educational interventions are developed for both primary care and clinical specialties. Additional educational content includes advances in medical research, clinical pharmacology, practice management issues, clinical practice guidelines, quality of care, safety and other relevant topics.

Unsurpassed Highly Trusted Reach
cme2's exclusive partnership with Advanstar's portfolio of brands provides trusted reach to hundreds of thousands of healthcare professionals to create audiences for print, event, and e-media learning programs.
Outcomes Management
cme2's gap assessment and analysis process defines the gap between current practice and best practice—the “what should be.” Measurable learning objectives are derived from this data as part of our rigorous needs assessment process. Pre- and post-tests allow us to 
measure and enhance learning, and follow-up surveys enable us to measure retention and changes in performance. cme2 is forming partnerships with specialty societies and healthcare systems to extend our metrics to actual provider performance and patient outcomes.
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