Certified CME provider: Med-IQ

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Company Profile
Med-IQ is a full-service, accredited medical education company committed to delivering superior continuing education that improves healthcare professionals' medical knowledge and everyday performance, ultimately leading to improved patient health. 

As a leader in the medical education industry, we are armed with an experienced, in-house team of medical education experts, including physicians, pharmacists, and staff devoted to compliance, outcomes, technology, audience generation and innovative program design. We develop our education from the frontline perspective of our audience—we're in touch with the true knowledge gaps and barriers healthcare professionals face when attempting to deliver high-quality healthcare.  
In short, we have the tools, expertise, and passion to be America's most respected medical education company. 

Services and Offerings
It's all about choices. Healthcare professionals decide on the CME/CE programs that most interest them and the learning environment (in-person, online, print) that fits how and when they want to learn. That means a variety of access options—at the office or hospital, at the point of care, at home, or on the go. Our outcomes assessment tools have been developed to quantitatively and qualitatively measure the effect of all of our activities, from immediate knowledge gain to applied behavior change. No matter what kind of programs or format healthcare professionals prefer, Med-IQ guarantees they will receive a superior learning experience. 

Case Study
“Deep Vein Thrombosis: Your At-Risk Patients”
Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and its clinical sequela, pulmonary embolism (PE), are the most common preventable causes of hospital death in the US. Trauma, orthopedic surgery and cancer patients receiving chemotherapy are at the highest risk. Difficulties using risk stratification tools and inconsistencies between evidence-base guidelines account for challenges.

 Med-IQ designed a modular, video-based Internet program with interactive questions that allowed participants to select modules to participate in based on their specialty (orthopedic surgery, oncology, neurology), allowing us to target multiple specialties with a single platform. This also provided the opportunity for measurement of learning (immediate, retained and application), and built the foundation for future sequential learning modules.

Immediate knowledge gain by program participants was substantial and statistically significant for the
                            Pre-survey Post-survey
Plenary Session 57%             72% 
Post-Stroke Case 73%             94% 
Oncology Case 39%             64% 
Orthopedic Case 79%             89% 

Immediate gain in confidence in recognizing DVT was dramatic and statistically significant:  
                            Pre-survey     Post-survey
                            Somewhat     Very 
                            Confident       Confident
Confidence             62%             82% 

After six months, the program demonstrated statistically significant data supporting immediate learning across all specialties, again with the initial data showing improved confidence among all participants. 

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