Company: HealthEd Interactive

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Company Profile
HealthEd Interactive, a division of HealthEd, specializes in interactive patient education. Along with traditional agency resources, HealthEd Interactive offers the unique insights of health educators who have years of field experience working hand in hand with patients. Its patient education programs are strategically designed to motivate patients to act—from accurately describing their symptoms to renewing their prescriptions—benefiting and differentiating our clients' brands.

HealthEd Interactive's broad disease-state experience spans diverse treatment needs of patients and many therapeutic areas. HealthEd Interactive comprises highly skilled interactive and user interface designers, programmers, health educators, marketers and creative writers focused on helping people learn how to cope with illness, to communicate their needs and to participate in their own care.  Its strong track record of using education to drive patient actions makes HealthEd Interactive a leader in the industry.

Services and Offerings
HealthEd Interactive's technological expertise, coupled with its award-winning content and creative, serves patients and brands well. Its many successful projects include:
  • Branded and unbranded websites
  • Webcasts/videocasts/podcasts
  • E-mail marketing
  • 2-D and 3-D animations
  • DVDs and CD-ROMs
  • Web analytics
  • Usability testing 
Whether interactive or print, HealthEd's materials reach patients directly and through healthcare providers, managed care programs and advocacy/nonprofit organizations. 

HealthEd Interactive educational programs can include live elements, such as seminars, web conferences or teleconferences. HealthEd Interactive creates the educational content, how-to guides, speakers' notes and other support components for each educational program. HealthEd Interactive's physical and digital animated 3-D tools help patients learn through visualization and interaction.

Case Study
The Objective
Build a branded website that drives trial among nontreaters and competitive users.

The Solution
HealthEd Interactive created, a core component of the brand's patient acquisition program.
  • Surpasses competitors' sites, according to a recent TNS study, in terms of patients' overall engagement with the site and their motivation to act.  
  • Provides easy-to-understand, audience-appropriate content that helps men transition from isolation to an understanding of ED as common and treatable
  • Addresses key barriers to seeking treatment and engages patients with interactive tools that help them ask for Cialis at the point of prescription
  • Features intuitive navigation, seamless video integration of engaging personal testimonials, real-time polls to gather patient insights and search engine optimization
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