Digital Draftfcb Healthcare

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Company Profile
Size and experience
One of the largest digital healthcare agencies in North America, Digital Draftfcb Healthcare (dDFCB) is a recognized leader in providing integrated, multichannel health communication solutions. While it is also one of the fastest-growing agencies in the healthcare industry, dDFCB is no overnight phenomenon.

As the digital division of Draftfcb Healthcare, dDFCB has experienced double-digit annual growth since 2005, despite a challenging global economy. Working in concert with its traditional counterparts, dDFCB functions as a core (and mission-critical) part of a truly integrated healthcare agency. In the vastness of digital space, you need someone who has already planted a few flags.

Services and Offerings
dDFCB has organically grown to mirror Draftfcb Healthcare. That means a full complement of dedicated digital strategists, copywriters, art directors, and account executives, as well as other strictly digital disciplines like user experience, project management and development. The group also includes the specialty divisions of Rated Rx for video and 3D animation and ConnectTech for CLM and RM initiatives. This array of digital skill sets makes multichannel delivery both possible and powerful:

  • HCP Web Destinations
  • Patient Education Websites and Tools
  • Mobile Strategy and Executions
  • Coordinated Off/Online Media Buy
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Email Marketing
  • CLM Presentations (eg, Tablet PC)—ConnectTech Division
  • Nonpersonal and Personal Digital Sales Force Tools
  • Interactive Convention Experiences
  • Video/Motion Graphics (eg, MOA Animations, Campaign Videos)—Rated Rx Division
Case Study: Answering the wakeup call
How do you develop a distinct digital identity for the next generation of an already established blockbuster drug? The answer: integration that strategically blurred the lines of print and digital. dDFCB worked in lockstep with the Draftfcb Healthcare team to create a true multichannel campaign.

Tactics included development of an SEO optimized website for both patients and HCPs, a comprehensive CRM program, and a full media campaign inclusive of paid search, online ad units, and partnerships with relevant sites. A convention booth game based on the Wii platform was also developed along with an interactive Flash detail aid.
Organic digital growth is not something that happens by chance; it happens by design.

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