Integration is the name of the game

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As the silo approach to media placement nears extinction, how has the ongoing surge of integrated marketing affected the tactics you employ?

Rebecca Robins
Global marketing director,

Social networking platforms are exploding the debate on health brands and giving rise to newly enfranchised consumers. In so doing they generate vital insights that can be leveraged by brand owners to enable greater depth of engagement with the consumer. Brand success will depend on taking a more integrated approach to the creation and management of both pipeline and inline products and portfolios. That means integration at every level, from integrated management of assets, to integrated marketing programs that put the consumer at the heart of the debate. How brands communicate is key to this debate. As media become more fragmented, messages need to be clearer, more precise and more connected. Consumers are engaged. Brands need to switch on and harness that engagement.

Dave Chapman
Managing partner, 

Actually, the “surge” in integrated marketing hasn't affected the tactics we recommend to clients simply because we've been there for several years already. Our organization is built specifically to offer true multi-disciplinary, “media-agnostic” integrated thinking across all channels, to all appropriate audiences. Our structure is designed to eliminate the turf battles so common when multiple companies vie for limited promo budgets and keeps us focused on doing the right things for the growth of the brand. Most of our clients already utilize two or more CommonHealth companies in their mix—with many brands centrally contracting for five or more disciplines (i.e. professional, consumer DTC/CRM, med ed, managed markets, digital and interactive). 

Lisete Andre Cleary
SVP, brand recognition practice, 
Vox Medica

The manner in which society receives and processes information has changed, and healthcare audiences are now increasingly integrated as “communities of influencers.” Therefore, it is imperative that diverse brand stakeholders work together in planning marketing efforts. That means collaborating with your market access expert and PR guru around the same table as your brand strategist, social media practitioner, physician and creative genius. Working together in lockstep to realize the shared brand vision will allow for prioritization of targeted yet innovative tactics against audience mindsets to most affect brand engagement in total.  Truly inventive solutions must reflect an optimal blend of strategies and tactics, delivering cost-effective results against well-characterized business goals. 

Anshal Purohit
VP, strategy and new business,
Purohit Navigation

It has created greater relevance—and demand—for the unique way that we work with our clients. Our seamless structure creates one unified brand team, we're on the same page when it comes to strategy, creative development and implementation of tactics. We can also analyze the impact of each initiative, and then apply what works best across other media vehicles. Integration at our company extends beyond brand tactics. Under one roof, we offer clients the advantages of a single point of contact and a choice of services based on their goals and our recommendations for the best brand navigation. The integration that occurs at all levels allows us to be come true stewards for the brand. 

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