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Welcome to this showcase of winning entries to the MM&M Awards 2009. Once again, the quality of work is of the very highest order.

The objective of the MM&M Awards program, now in its sixth year, is to champion creativity and effectiveness in healthcare communications. And what really sets these awards apart are the independence and authority with which every submission is judged.

As in previous years, we assembled a panel of talented and experienced professionals from across the industry who spent an entire day in July reviewing and scoring your submissions. But these awards are not just about creatives judging creative. Far from it. This year our panel included 18 senior executives from the pharmaceutical/client side. These were the types of questions they asked: “How big was the budget?” “What was the ROI?” “Who were the target audience?” “Where was it placed?” “How did they measure it?” “Did this go to physicians, too?” What each of them was trying to figure out was: “If I'd paid for this campaign, would I have been happy with the results?” In short, you can't win an MM&M Award for a campaign that merely looks good.

This approach is key to the unique relevance and stature of the MM&M Awards. Not only are entries judged with independence and authority, but pharma executives—whose own reputations can live and die by the success or failure of similar campaigns they commission themselves—also have a say in the scoring.

I would like to thank all of our judges for their invaluable insights, dedication and hard work. You can meet them on pages 39 to 45.

I would also like to thank our sponsors tonight. By recognizing the importance of the MM&M Awards through their support, they have allowed us to continue to make this program bigger and better every year. Details of this year's sponsors can be found on the individual category pages.

Finally, I'd like to congratulate all of our finalists and winners tonight. We have taken every possible measure to ensure that the best work wins. And even if you were not successful, I hope you enjoyed the biggest and best party in the industry.

Thank you all for being a part of the MM&M Awards 2009.

James Chase,
Editor in Chief, MM&M

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